Signe horoscope 28 february

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Get things in perspective. Not everyone has your energy today.

Today you feel creative, independent and wilful! Oh no. Romantically, your physical desires are strong as well. Yup, you mean business!

February 28 Zodiac Sign

Strong day for actors and teachers. Increased chaos, activity and tension at home has been something you have to contend with at this time. But you do have a choice in how you address this situation.

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Guard against behaving compulsively or acting inappropriately because of a short fuse. Be the adult at home. You will be convincing when talking to others today because you will put so much of yourself into whatever you say. You have lots of mental energy, which is why you are prepared to defend your ideas.

Strong day for those in sales, marketing, teaching, acting and writing! Actor Donal Logue shares your birthday. You are an idealistic dreamer. You are compassionate and have a genuine concern for the welfare of others. Because this will be a fast-paced year, get ready for action. Expect fresh excitement! Tuesday is associated with an imprisoned monkey.

Born on that day in the year of the monkey, you can expect trouble and misfortunes. Wednesday is the day of a monkey reared by a hermit. People born on that day are well informed and will live a good life.

Friday is the day of an excellent monkey. People born on a Friday in the year of the monkey are very fortunate. There are even more complicated calculations by combining the numbers of months and days in order to give more detailed predictions which are shown below. Illustrations relating to combined number predictions for the year of the monkey. Someone born in the 5th or 11th month and on day 1 or 7 in the year of the monkey — represented by the demon riding on a monkey — is violent, a bad worker and poorly off.

People born in the 6th or 12th month and on day 2 — represented by a seated noble with an umbrella-bearer — will be lucky, have dignity and live happily. Birth in the 7th or 1st months and on day 3 — represented by two men fighting — predicts trouble and difficulty making a living. Someone born in the 8th or 2nd months and on day 4 — represented by a couple quarrelling — will be miserable and unsettled and have a sad married life.

Birth in the 9th or 3rd months and on day 5 — represented by a mahout riding on an elephant — means the person will be exhausted trying to attain rank and not find happiness. People born in the 10th or 4th months and on day 6 — represented by a male deity riding on a serpent — are expected to be active minded, and although harsh-speaking, will hold positions of power.

But even when prospects look unfortunate, fear not as there are ways to turn your fate around. Wat Phrathat Nakhorn Phanom in Nakhorn Phanom northeast Thailand is the Buddhist temple for people born in the year of the monkey, for example. Paying a visit, meditating and making offerings here would be recommended. Another good deed would be to plant, maintain and protect jack trees as these are where the guardian spirits of people born in the year of the monkey dwell. In addition to predictions related to the Thai zodiac, this manuscript contains explanations on how to interpret certain omens and signs that people may see in dreams.

For example, dreaming about being murdered is regarded as a reverse omen and means that the person will gain wealth and defeat enemies. If one sees a Buddha image or the sun in a dream, it is interpreted that the person will have power and authority over enemies. Dreaming of seeing moonlight means there will be trouble with your partner, while a heart being torn out predicts the loss of a loved one. Many aspects in Thai horoscope manuscripts deal with marital relationships and match-making.

What was the purpose of horoscopes in Thai society?

There are detailed explanations on which types of people are good or bad matches for marriage. Illustrations and advice about marital relationships. Shown here are two men, one in a relationship with a woman of divine character, the other in a relationship with a woman of demonic character. Shown in the image above is the combination of a male human with a woman who has the virtues of a deity. Such a couple will be blessed with children, but will argue and not be able to live happily together.

The same is predicted for a marriage between a male human with a woman of a demonic character like a yakkhini.

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  5. They can marry and have children, but will not be able to live happily together. Quaritch Wales: Divination in Thailand. The hopes and fears of a Southeast Asian people. London and Dublin, Curzon Press, This is your gift, Pisces. Those born on February 28 embrace their past as it sets standards for the present and future. It is one reason you understand people and their set of problems so well. Still, in all, you must be careful of your emotional moodiness.

    Your birthday personality shows that you can become irritable and could descend into your mystical planet. Pisceans carry a great burden for others, and well, you could use a break from time to time. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Your birthday horoscope forecasts that you are not much good to others if you are ill. Pisces, those of you with birthday February 28, need to take of yourself. Get a check-up, mental and physical. It would not hurt to talk to someone or to ask your nutritionist about supplements and a new healthy recipe. Typically, Pisceans do not need to do much to maintain status quo, but exercising helps to reduce stress.

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    There are many ways in which to achieve a healthy lifestyle that does not require a whole lot of effort or cost. Watch those labels, however.

    Daily horoscope

    According to the February 28 birthday astrology , some of you born on this day could be allergic to certain foods or substances. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! So, you want to talk about your career choices. There are numerous of options! Whatever you want to do, you can do it.

    You are a Pisces, born on February You could teach at a university; you could become a counselor or work in social reform. What your birthday says about you is that Pisceans would also do well in film, television or radio. As you can see, the list is long but does not stop there. What I am saying is that you are very talented. Your birthday analysis shows that you have a cunning business mind and will not have any problems securing the position you so desire.