North node libra compatibility

Instead, they're probably acquired expectations from generations past that do very little to support the emotional fulfillment we desperately crave today. Let's imagine for a moment that our beliefs are based on incorrect assumptions. What if finding a soul mate isn't a predestined occurrence? What if choice and will also play a significant role in the outcome?

What if our soul mate should be the one forcing us to grow and evolve even if painful at times rather than be the one who simply pets our mane? Now what if I also told you that the sour-flavored relationship you're about to throw away could actually be transformed into the blossoming flower that you'e always envisioned?

And with your current mate! If you're open-minded and daring enough to challenge your current assumptions and are willing to consider the possibility that destiny might need a bit of help from you , you can create the soulful relationship that you've always desired.

Soulmate Astrology - 5 Factors That Determine Compatibility - Psychic Readings Guide

The nodes of the moon south and north node are two points in an astrological chart that possess priceless information about an individual's karmic past and soul-desired future. They symbolize the unique life path that each of us is on and can answer many questions about our own, as well as our partner's, inner struggles and desires -- answers that can transform not only our relationships, but also our lives. Let's say you're constantly fighting with your mate about the fact that he's spending too much time trying to help other people with their problems instead of spending more time with you - often accusing him of not caring about you and not loving you enough.

What if you found out that his attention to other causes actually had nothing to do with you but instead had everything to do with his soul mission in this life? Or let's say that his north node is in one of the other 11 sign positions? What might one of his life struggles be?

Just think of what this small piece of information can do for your relationship.

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You'll finally be able to understand why…. So yes, maybe destiny did introduce you to your mate; but it's up to you to decide whether destiny's choice will also become your choice. The nodes can help you undress your mate's complex soul as well as your own so that you have a full deck of cards in front of you as you make your life-altering decision. Because believe me, you don't want to regret your decision, especially if it was based on an incomplete set of facts.

There is just one more point that I need to mention -- the nodes are just one of the many valuable tools that can and should be used to strengthen a relationship. Astrology is rooted in the moment that you were born. As such, it stands to reason that your birth was not an accident but actually something that your spirit planned so that you could enter into this incarnation with a specific set of goals — lessons that help develop your soul.

Find Your Soul Mate With Astrology – North Node in Taurus

The patterns of the planets and points in your birth chart is a map to your destiny, something that a good astrologer can help you understand and navigate towards your highest happiness and your greatest success. It works hand-in-hand with the Sun, which is why so much emphasis is placed on your Sun sign. The North Node tells you what your soul wants you to know.

It shows you where to pay attention, and it can also bring you some insight as to how to do that, who you might attract into your life, for example. It will guide you to what your soul hungers to learn this time around, even if it may seem challenging at the start. The South Node tends to be more where your karmic baggage is stored.

How Does Soulmate Astrology Work?

This is where you bring habits through from other lifetimes into this one. You could say that your South Node represents your previous lifetimes, and your North Node represents this one. Your life will probably present you with different teachers along the way, and it will keep doing so until you learn what there is to learn.

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This is heavy stuff. This placement can lead to codependency and issues in your one-on-one relationships. You sometimes find it hard to love yourself, and you may have some phobias or inhibitions.

Read About Your North and South Nodes:

This can cost you your peace of mind. Your lesson is to find a way to explore your own sense of purpose and value, to learn to create the life you want to live and to understand that happiness is a choice — something that comes from within you, and not through other people and events.

This position indicates that you tend to jump to conclusions, making snap decisions on first impressions. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself — real or imagined — and you sometimes come across as a bit self-important. Part of your karmic lesson is to learn to slow down to the speed of life, be interested in the lives of others and get over your fear of being repressed.

If your North Node is in Cancer , you could have a hard time surrendering control and letting others take the lead. Your lesson is to learn to stop micromanaging everything. When you understand that vulnerability is actually a strength rather than a weakness, you can find greater happiness and fulfillment in your interactions with others.

What Your North & South Nodes Say About You

Care less about what others think of you, and spend more time pursuing your creativity and manifesting your bliss. Try to keep your head and your heart in balance, and rather than over-thinking things.

A Virgo North Node reveals a tendency to try to escape the routine practicalities of your life. You feel things deeply and strongly — sometimes too intensely, which can knock you off your center and be very distressing.