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Do your best not to over-think around the Full Moon on the 13th, and be careful what you allow yourself to believe, as others may not be giving you the full story. There can be a vital culmination on an educational level for some of you. This lunation encourages you to take care of your daily affairs so that you can branch out more confidently.

Self-honesty can have a lovely, cleansing, and purging effect on you.

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Facing things that you've recently avoided brings a feeling of moving forward. Acknowledging complicated feelings can, most interestingly, untangle them just enough that you can fee freer. Aim to sort out what information is useful, and what matters are only serving to overload you and rob you of your peace of mind.

If you've been putting off attention to mundane affairs, including errands and deadlines, you'll feel the need to correct the matter now. The month can be a time for renewing or reviving projects that you were working on behind the scenes or that were left unfinished. Planets begin to move into your solar tenth house of career and reputation, starting with Mercury on the 3rd. You're giving more and more thought to your responsibilities, plans, work, and status.

You're also more accountable for what you communicate and more aware of how you are coming across when you speak or write. Others may recognize you for your ideas or intelligence, and this is rewarding.

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You might find yourself more frequently in the position to make decisions about your life direction and career. There can be reminders to make changes to areas of your life that have become too predictable. Your ruler, Uranus, gets some nudges from planets opposing it in October. New insights into your career or life path are coming now, and it's important to listen not only to what your intuition is telling you but also to what seems to be coming from out of the blue. A progressive and innovative approach is called for, but shouldn't be pushed too hard or taken too far.

Aim to be flexible since changes on the home front can take up large chunks of your time this month. While you're particularly alert on business or practical levels this month, you also see things you don't typically see in your interactions with others. You can gain new information and valuable insights into your relationships, projects, and money situation. In leadership or professional roles, extra charm or intrigue surrounds you.

Support from behind the scenes can figure strongly. The continued emphasis on your solar twelfth house means is another year of relative quiet, withdrawal, and repose, dear Aquarius.

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People love being around you, and you them in , more so than usual. You benefit from your connections, too. Yes, you require lots of downtime and space to recharge in between, but you thoroughly enjoy sharing, feedback, and camaraderie with others. Another big change this year involves your planetary ruler, Uranus, moving into the sign of Taurus for the long haul — until , in fact! No worries — you have a lot of time to do so — but there is an adjustment period involved. In your case, this was your solar third house. The Age of Aquarius happened decades ago in the s. In truth, nobody knows for sure what the actual inception date of the Age of Aquarius happens to be.

The way this pretty blonde news journalist delivered her quip made it obvious that she not only thought the Age of Aquarius began years ago but also that she thought it must be over by now. I sighed to myself. The onset of an age is difficult for astrologers to pinpoint exactly — we will discuss why in a moment. We do know that an astrological age spans over two thousand years.

It is truly something special, and anyone alive at this moment in time is about to experience it. As you know, there are 11 other signs of the zodiac — the earth will retrograde in each one. It will take the earth 25, years to visit all 12 signs. Thus, once the Age of Aquarius is upon us and many astrologers, myself included, feel we have reached this point it will stay the Age of Aquarius for two thousand years. The precession of the zodiac is a term that describes the constellation that lies behind the Sun at the vernal equinox, which changes gradually over time.

Rather than negate the dates of the Sun signs, this precession adds a unique tone of character to each of the signs. But classical astrologers do not feel the precession of the zodiac changes the inherent qualities of the signs. The age before the Age of Aquarius was the Age of Pisces. Since the earth is moving in retrograde motion, we have just left the Age of Pisces, which marked the years AD. This time coincides with the age of Christ and Christianity.

Pisces is considered the last sign of the zodiac, a compendium of all the signs that came before it, from Aries to Aquarius. Pisces is the sign known for universal love, compassion, self-sacrifice, altruism, creativity, intuition and deep spirituality. To Pisces, what is in the human heart is true, for it is true to the soul. Pisces is an introspective sign. This Piscean mindset has been the way humanity has approached the world since we evolved and has colored everything that we have encountered during that period.

Early Christians used the symbol of the fish symbol of Pisces as a secret symbol of their faith. The emphasis on washing of the feet as a ritual signifying purification of the spirit ties into Pisces symbolism as well, for Pisces rules the feet. Christ spoke of his role as servant to his flock, which is also a very Pisces notion. In Pisces, there is a strong need for seclusion, and Christianity puts value on retreats, convents, cloisters or spiritual pilgrimages.

Aquarius puts emphasis on group activities and community, thus we have the Internet and the eye of the global village which we call television. Aquarius is a very social sign. When each period starts and ends is slightly imprecise because of the huge time frame involved. Over 25 thousand years, and there is always a plus or minus tolerance to any mathematical curve. Also the ages overlap slightly because, in fact, some parts of the zodiac also overlap in the heavens.

The signs of the zodiac are of unequal sizes, too, with some signs taking up more real estate in the heavens than others. The total eclipse of the Sun that occurred in August was significant because it helped to get the world ready to launch into the main time of the Age of Aquarius. This is because Leo exists at the opposite end of the spectrum from Aquarius, exactly 6 months away. That means the August eclipse was especially powerful and able to contrast, clarify and highlight classic Aquarius qualities.

Not all eclipses are created equal. Some are more powerful than others and this one was considered to be very intense. In a way it was the mother of all solar eclipses. Because this eclipse also fell on a new moon , it pointed to the end of one way of life and a fresh beginning of this new era. Every sign has a ruling planet and Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. Appropriately enough, Uranus has been moving through its home base of Aquarius, a process that takes seven years.

Neptune is a planet that dissolves or purifies all that it touches, by rinsing in its waters, gently and yet consistently. Neptune is also moving us into an Aquarius state of mind. All these elements point to the probability that the Age of Aquarius has been established. In case you are curious, the very first age mankind experienced was the Age of Leo, and ran from to BC. Many people think the Age of Aquarius began neatly at that August eclipse, or even more neatly, that it will begin on the dot at the first hour of the year In fact, a good case could be made for its dawning a little earlier.

Aquarius is a sign strongly linked to new inventions, flight, and large groups of people or nationalities. Eleven days after that, NASA made its first test launch. Later, in May John F. No single space project in this period would offer a bigger contribution to mankind, or [be] more important for the long-range exploration of space; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish. The Soviet-American space race was on, and our lives would never be the same.

Many unmanned and manned launches took place after that. In April the United States launched the Hubble Telescope into space, and in subsequent years Hubble sent back the most detailed close-up images of the planets that mankind had ever seen. Hubble later informed us that there is one planet outside our solar system, ejected into deep space by its parent stars.

TMR-1C seems to be sitting at the end of an unusual filament of light. It is estimated to be two to three times the mass of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system! The Age of Aquarius has barely begun and citizens of planet earth are witnessing exciting discoveries about the planets and stars, as well as enjoying new technology down here on earth. On an emotional level, landing on the moon rallied the earth into a kind of global citizenship. This is a quintessentially Aquarian idea, for Aquarius is the sign that that represents the platonic concept of the brotherhood of man.

Humanity was touched by the news that one of us was able to leave our protective environment and achieve the near impossible: leave his footprints on another heavenly body, and return to tell the tale! This is why this sign — and the Age of Aquarius — is linked so strongly to technology. Aquarius is also an air sign and therefore highly communicative, bent on gathering information, which echoes what is coming toward us in the new millennium, too.

Aquarius has a strong need for independence and individualism, and while members of this sign can be somewhat idiosyncratic they are also very original and inventive.

Aquarius is visionary and creative, but rebellious, too. Thus, Aquarius can be capable of great extremes. This sign acts in rather sudden and unexpected ways, thanks to being ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprise. This future-thinking sign can often be a study in contrast. On one hand, Aquarius can be quite intellectually and emotionally aloof at times. Aquarius needs distance, and marches to a different drummer.

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  • On the other hand, it is one of the most congenial, social and gregarious signs, and certainly one of the most humanitarian besides Pisces. Aquarius sees social wrongs and moves to right them, often through mobilizing groups into action. Unlike Pisces, a sign that works one-on-one, Aquarius likes to work in large groups, and is altruistic and democratic in spirit. Since Aquarius is a fixed sign, they are quite solid when they make commitments.

    All these Aquarian qualities will influence us as we move more deeply into this new age. Although it began in , that was just a prelude of what is to come — the curtain goes up on the Age of Aquarius now. For example, if we were entering the Age of Cancer, there would be a great social emphasis on family, housing, food and fertility. In fact, when Man experienced this period from to BC, dwellings were being developed and humanity put great emphasis on the family unit. Many examples of art and artifacts survived this era, and a dominant theme from that time depicts a female fertility goddess.

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    This is the era when humanity learned to fish as well as made the earliest concerted attempts at farming. Man has lived through the Age of Gemini to BC , when language was born and writing became highly developed. Next came the Age of Taurus BC to BC , when art and luxury — fairly unknown until then — came into existence. Also as mentioned earlier, before any of these periods was the Age of Leo.

    Leo is a creative sign, and this age is the one that left behind its ancient cave drawings. Well, yes, that will be the case, for their natural inclinations will also be the prevailing thinking of the day. Gemini and Libra, the other two air signs, would also be able to capitalize on the prevailing changes quite well. But nobody will be left out of the information revolution under any circumstances.

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    Changes in thinking, lifestyles, social mores, education, work, and even love and marriage will bring everyone new choices to consider. Each of us will be able to choose how we would like to express our unique personalities under these new conditions. The purpose of astrology is as a tool to help us live life productively and happily, and to teach us to interact more effectively with others.

    Astrology is not an end in itself but a way of dealing with complex issues. Astrology is an especially good way to stimulate your creative thinking. What will the new age bring? Before I begin, let me tell you where I gleaned much of this information. I felt the material reported in that issue was vital. I have encapsulated many of the more interesting parts here so that we could look at the information in a new way, through the filter of astrology.

    Technology offers myriad options — some evil, some wonderful — but it will be up to us to control technology and use new inventions wisely. This is certainly a something mankind is capable of doing! Computers are already ubiquitous and they will become an even greater part of our lives. No surprise there, but what will stun us is how computers will effect everything we do. Computers will run millions of wireless electronic devices, working in concert with one another.

    These devices will go anywhere and record and measure anything from water level to traffic flow, pollution or conversations of people on the street. There will be cameras, microphones, gauges, sensors, EKGs and electroencephalographs watching each city and its citizens, our environment, our bodies, our actions and our reactions. This environment will evolve naturally around us. Add the voices of digital pets, electronic companions and Internet caretakers, stretch out a sensory telemetric fabric — what you have is an electronic skin. Now and probably for several years to come there will be no central intelligence to manage this organically grown network of computers.

    Although there is no central intelligence on the Internet now, scientists think that eventually a certain self-awareness will emerge once the Net is enhanced with sensuality. This will allow it to act the same way as a human brain. A symbiosis of human and machine will evolve.

    But while that may seem a little scary, it will also allow millions of users at their computers to work in concert with workers around the world. Experts think that by , discrete, small microprocessors could be strung together like pearls on a necklace. The terminals could be embedded in devices like cell phones, and palmcorders, for we will not need tools like the big, bulky laptop computers we have now. The Internet will begin to function as neurons do in the human brain.

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    • This is a process that would be too big and too expensive for any one university or facility to accomplish with the same thoroughness on its own, but with many computer volunteers switching to a certain frequency around the world over a number of years, it becomes do-able.

      As ever, astrology is right on point! Satellites will circle the earth and be able to track neighborhood crime through digital photography, too. During the O. Technology was not yet ready to provide answers like these, but could in years ahead. The photographs are used as evidence and have proven very effective in stopping speeding and running red lights. In the future, robot photographers will be more prevalent, simply because this kind of photography is an effective crime preventative. Can this electronic skin become a kind of nightmare? In early simulation experiments where software agents acted as communication nodes in networks, scientists found that the nodes assembled into clans.

      Sometimes those clans acted out in mischievous or destructive ways. Clans could even work in ways that are at cross-purposes to one another. Yet Aquarius is a sign that is socially responsible, so we should not be overly concerned about some kind of social insurrection. This decan is strongly influenced by the planet Mercury. This is representative for people who are altruistic and dependable just like Aquarius and communicative spirits just like Mercury. This period is said to temper the characteristics of the Aquarius zodiac sign. Being born on the 4th day of the month shows these people are hard working, meticulous and self disciplined.

      The numerology for February 4 is 4. This number reveals creation combined with logic and a bit of stubbornness. Those Aquarius associated with number four are surely imaginative but also hard working and critical. February is the second month of the year, bringing great opportunities for progress. Those born in February are intelligent and attractive. February 4 Zodiac people are charming dreamers with a great imagination. February symbols that resonate with these people are Garnet and Jasper as gemstones, Violet and Primrose as plants and the month of purification as stated in the ancient Roman Empire.

      February 4 is the 35th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and there are days left until the end of the year days in leap years. The sixty sixth day of winter, this is also the World Cancer Day, one of the public health campaigns of World Health Organization. Aquarius as occurrence in birth signs is considered to be the twelfth most popular, thus the rarest. A sign of positive meaning with bubbly energy, this exudes masculine energy and is considered an odd numbered sign. This is highly representative for extrovert natives who are companionable and soft.

      The archetype used when talking about this sign is the Free Spirit. There is a slight peak of doctors but also of philosophers in Aquarius. Author: Denise. Lucky numbers: 5, 8, 16, 18, Motto: "I know". Love and Compatibility for February 4 Zodiac. Lucky color. The color used in astrology for those with February 4 is blue-green. Other colors indicated for Aquarius are navy blue and grey. Representative birthstone. Characteristic flower.

      Your Aquarius Horoscope For 12222 Is Here

      Orchid is the flower defined for February 4 and in general for Aquarius natives. Other plants that suit Aquarius natives are Chrysanthemum and Ivy. Symbolic metal. Another metal considered lucky for Aquarius natives is Aluminum. February 4 Zodiac Poll. Personality Love Money Health. Characteristics of February 4. What statistics say about February 4 Zodiac? Your Daily Horoscope. Your Monthly Horoscope. Does the information on February 4 zodiac describe you? Rate personality info:.